Management Team

Gary Varma


Gary Varma is President and CEO of Brainsharp Inc. He has over 30 years of extensive experience in software systems architecture, design, development, implementation, training, technical leadership and software development life cycle.

Gary’s technical expertise includes the areas of Client-Server and Distributed Multi-Tiered Enterprise Systems, Object Oriented Design Methodologies, Enterprise Application Integration, Information Management Systems, Web, OLTP, e-Business and eCommerce Applications.

Gary has a Doctorate Degree from Iowa State University, and has in depth knowledge in architecting, designing, developing and deploying large software systems.

Gary founded Brainsharp Inc. in 2001 and has been serving as its President and CEO since then. Prior to that, he was a lead software developer at Invensys, where he designed and developed software applications for process automation, that is used in the Oil and Gas industry.

Vasuki Iyengar

Managing Director

Vasuki Iyengar is Managing Director of Brainsharp Inc. He has 30 years of product development and operations experience in software and technology services.

Vasuki has extensive leadership experience in small and large company environments where he has developed innovative and reliable products and solutions for the healthcare, telecommunications, large enterprise, government, and financial services market place.

Vasuki has a Master’s degree from the University of Wisconsin, and various management certifications from the American Management Association.

Vasuki has been Managing Director of Brainsharp Inc since 2015 and is responsible for all product development and operations. Prior to that, he has held senior management positions at various companies including Black Knight Financial Services, V-Tek Systems, and Unisys Corporation.