Brainsharp's core team is mature and tested against a decade of successful product development. We have a proven track record of finishing all our projects within schedule and approved budget. We have handled several small-scale projects of a few thousand hours to large multi-year complex projects budgeted over $25 million. Our team consists of well educated, solution delivery specialists that are versatile in skills and experience and certified professionals in their respective disciplines. Our most recent solutions include:

  • Property Tax Assessment (Oasis) and Tax Collection System (Orbit) for the County of Ventura, California.
  • This is a multi-year product solution that started in 2017. The Oasis and Orbit solution seamlessly integrates the property tax assessment and tax collection functions and processes for the Assessor, Auditor/Controller and Treasurer/Tax Collector.

  • Property Tax Assessment System (ATS) for the Assessor, County of Orange, California.
  • This solution was successfully deployed in August 2011. The solution was delivered within schedule and budget and has successfully produced seven annual rolls since then.

Maintenance & Support Solutions:

We also provide Maintenance and Support solutions.We currently provide support for the following systems and solutions:

  • Assessment Tax System(ATS II)
  • Standard Data Record (SDR) Integration
  • Business Property Statement Capture and Valuation(BPSV)
  • Public Service Counter Application (PRISM)
  • Field Data Canvass and New Construction - Tracts using Tablet PC
  • Comparative Sales Integration
  • Geo Spatial Integration
  • Document Storage Integration

Industries Served:

Our team has worked with many small start-ups to large Fortune 500 companies in industries covering:

  • State and Local Governments
  • Engineering & Construction
  • Telecommunications
  • Defence
  • Insurance
  • Finance & Banking
  • Health Care

Software Architecture & Design

We have extensive experience in the design & development of new products and applications using emerging technologies for building web and touch screen based products.

Software Product Engineering

We have a creative and experienced team of engineers who are proficient in various technologies to develop a complete software product that meets your business requirements.

Migration of Legacy Systems

We have extensive experience in the migration of legacy systems to web and touch screen based systems.Our team of engineers have successfully completed a variety of data migration projects.